JUNE 2009

The jump into the unknown! Jérôme Bétous, its founder, started the company with the desire to share his experience with his clients.

And what is this experience to share? That of keeping it simple, that of taking advantage of project portfolio management tools, that of humanising professional relations, particularly in project management.



Developing a company alone? No! So CoPrime was strengthened by the experience and the desire of the first shareholders who wanted to reinvent the relationship between consulting firms and their clients.

What did that involve? The idea was to offer true and humble expertise and build a sincere and lasting relationship. Provide support where possible!

And so we listened to our clients in order to build solid offers around project management:

  • Diagnosis, consulting in governance, choice of software solution,
  • Project Manager, PMO, IT Support
  • Integration of project portfolio management tools (Broadcom CA Clarity PPM, HP PPM, Primavera, Triskell, Planview, FoxPlan, etc.),
  • Technical and functional service centre,
  • Innovative form’action system combining different approaches.

From the outset, CoPrime became a partner of CA / Broadcom around the Clarity solution.



At the request of our clients and due to the team’s appetite, CoPrime became an approach to change management, through the implementation of the famous Chrysalide system, a system that combines Organisation, Processes, Methodology and Tools. Finally!

And following the implementation of these systems, the results showed and were measurable: real benefits in terms of the increased maturity of organisations in project portfolio management, resource management, schedule management, budget management, etc.

CoPrime became a partner of Planview.



At the request of our customers, we built our service centre (SC). That’s how it happened! We are always listening to our customers and provide them with the service they expect from us.

A flexible organisation, a scope of services according to needs, with invoicing according to use.

And all this is made possible by a solid, experienced and stable team to serve you!

Since then, more than 30 customers, in different technical and functional areas, have benefited from it with different solutions.

The SC, in conjunction with the in-house FabLab, allows us to develop packaged modules to complement Clarity.

And this is thanks to a team of experts in configuration, XOG, NSQL, SAP BO, Jaspersoft, Power BI development: whether on an OnPremise infrastructure or in SaaS.

The team masters all these technologies!



And yes, it was time to share our expertise more broadly: the CoPrime universities came to be.

A time for communication, an inter-company time built to exchange on good practices.

It’s also a time for prospects to become aware of the right deployment approaches, or even to build their deployment approach.



Once again our clients encouraged us to develop/structure new skills: a reporting team was set up.

Many technologies are now mastered: Jaspersoft, SAP Business Object (BO), Power BI, Tableau, etc.

With a solid team to support our clients both in the phase of tool selection and in the operational implementation of reports.

We even started training our clients on these technologies, in particular Jaspersoft and Power BI, applied to project portfolio management tools.



1st Open Day: CoPrime shared its advice and experience with anyone interested!

A real success, the participants asked for more: since then, twice a year, a meeting is set up and our customers are present.



We were looking for a French solution that was comprehensive, and with expertise in project management, to meet specific customer needs and which would allow us to broaden our offer.

CoPrime chose FoxPlan, an easy-to-use, 100% French solution, with a very powerful datamart and an interesting business model.

We also worked on another solution that could be implemented quickly: Planview PPM Pro, associated with Planview ProjectPlace.

All of this enables us to address all of our clients’ issues, whatever the sector of activity, the company’s roles or the project approach adopted (Cycle V – Waterfall or Agile).



The employees who wanted to become shareholders could do so, thus bringing new life into the company!

For a new adventure!

Since its creation, about 60 employees have worked on the development of the company, several of whom were retraining…

They are freelancers with whom we have had the pleasure of working at the service of our clients.

Many interns have also benefited from the CoPrime framework during their training course.