Our Values

CoPrime’s philosophy leans on the respect of each person, concerning the development of each one’s at the heart of the company.

CoPrime’s values expressed by the team are:


Competence sharing is one of our strong values. The company has been founded by three associates, each ones having a large experience in Project Portfolio Management and so in Project Management. All of our consultants benefit from it. In partnership with software editors or via specialized consulting company, a passage by the training program compartment is a prerequisite for all new arrivals.



Since its creation CoPrime considers diversity as a major asset and sees in it a source of enrichment and learning. With our clients, we apply the same opening principal: we bring our competencies and ours advices by granting an important listening to needs or orientations that clients bring us.

Elsewhere, we consider that end users must be the first beneficiaries of our work: their opinion is such a capital importance to the project success.



Each engagement from CoPrime towards our Clients is built in a spirit of partnership and trust. This spirit is the pledge of a successful collaboration and long term relationship. Established exchanges in this framework are likely to favor the results of our missions and thus assuring a maximum satisfaction of our clients.



CoPrime becomes attached to promote a mutual respect within the team. This same initiative prevails in the relationships framework with our Clients.



We grant a particular concern to integrate our works within the organization of our Clients. Knowledge transfer towards teams is continuous during the course of our missions in order to ensure the sustainability of our interventions.



We are curious to discover new environments, to address new problems and to share our know-hows to answer requests.



This integrated value in CoPrime management to create a favorable context to the empowerment of each one’s and motivates each of us to participate to the continuous improvement of our performance to our Clients.