Multidisciplinary and multicultural, the CoPrime team will know how to put its talents and tis energy to serve your projects in a friendly atmosphere

Management Team

Jérôme Bétous

Jérôme Bétous

A career as a project!

I started my career as a project manager, then a consultant specialized in project management and PPM tools, in project governance, and also as a program manager of international projects for large companies.

In 2009, I created CoPrime to mentor customer on project and portfolio management topics, based on a human and sustainable approach.

I am convinced that project is successfull because the work force is involved at each stage, because the business transformation is supported.

I will be glad to meet you soon!

Sébastien Chaput

Sébastien Chaput

After starting my career in environmental management systems implementation and industrial security risks, I have oriented myself towards management of Information Systems.

I then had the opportunity to work on entity management, processes implementation, underlying tools and their continual improvement.

Recognized trainer, my principal preoccupation is to guarantee sustainable approaches within organizations.

Ludovic Visse

Ludovic Visse

My career took off in projects management consulting; I then re- oriented towards the world of software editors specialized in projects portfolio management solutions.
My first experience enabled me to work with projects managers, planners and solutions administrators in order to acquire a pronounced experience in the use of project management software, such as (Open Workbench, Microsoft Project, and ABT solutions). My most important mission in this domain took place in Switzerland in the steering assistance of a sub-project, being part of a wide European project.

I have pursued my work in software editors world around Clarity PPM solutions. I have exercised roles such as consultant, trainer, project manager and team manager. In doing so, I have acquired a recognized experience in projects portfolio management solutions integration across France and Europe.

My manager role allowed me to be in charge of consultants working on solutions related to ITIL.