Our added value

  • Cultivate proximity with the business of our Clients
  • Make our clients actors and co-built with them
  • Insure a knowledge transfer towards our clients throughout our interventions

Your preoccupations

  • You wish that your managerial framework irrigates all of your organization and that it finds a concrete expression in every day actions and behaviors
  • You wish that strategic orientations be declined in an operational and coherent way for each managerial line?
  • You wish that managers deploy, in their respective scope, the required actions of transformation?
  • You want your people works in line with your strategy?

Notre offre

Projects Portfolio Management

  • Diagnosis on Projects governance, resources management processes, financial processes.
    Change Management and communication plan
  • Design and deployment of large scale training programs and workshops
  • Progress plan and individual support

Human Asset Management

  • Seminars to develop the operational framework of the top manager team (missions, methods, decision making perimeter, values)
  • Seminars with executive committees to define corporate priorities and its deployment towards operational teams. (managerial alignment)
  • Elaboration of management framework (values, principles, key practices).

Managerial coaching

  • Seminars and workshops to support managers to execute the corporate strategy).
    Managerial diagnosis
  • Support managers and teams in the design and deployment of transformation projects
  • Worshops to share know-hows
  • Individuals Coaching
  • Operational support to project teams and projects managers

Vision team building

  • Build the team common vision
  • Reinforce the agility and the efficiency of the organization and its processes
  • Increase time-to-market
  • Review the offer and reinvent the strategy


  • Increase projects’ KPI quality
  • Sustainable return on investment for your change management project
  • Increase the users’ adoption for PPM solution
  • Increase cross-business exchanges