Our added value

  • Besides technical aspects, systematically take in account “human aspects” (listening, questioning, feedback with the involved teams)
  • Consultants, knowing by their experiences, adapting to client methods but also capable of bringing a new lighting on their practices
  • Insure a knowledge transfer towards our clients throughout our interventions

Your preoccupations

  • You look for a sharp competence to manage one of your projects?
  • Your program or project director needs reinforcement to manage his project?
  • You wish to have an operational PMO to follow one of your departments?

Our Offers

Governance and Projects Portfolio Management

  • Project Management with a strong expertise on PPM solutions
  • Management of PMO department

Sustainable projects management

  • Assistance to program and project directors
  • PMO department animation, tooled or not.

Human Asset Management

  • Implementation of 360° feedback approach
  • Implementation of appraisal approaches
  • Management of manpower planning deployments