Using PPM solutions

CA PPM Functional
CA PPM Deep Dive

Duration : 2 days | Audience : project managers, team leaders, PMO

Understanding CA PPM concepts and functionalities.
Learn CA PPM functionnalities.

Capaciy planning

Duration : 1 day | Audience : Project manager, Team leader, PMO

Allocate resources to projects.
Using roles and resource’s workflows.
using the capacity planning.

Scheduling with Openworkbench

Duration : 2 days | Audience: Project manager, PMO

OpenWorkBench : the software and features.
Advanced scheduling technics.

Financial Management

Duration : 1 days | Audience : Project manager, PMO

CA PPM financial management rules.
Setting up financial module.
Achieving financial management planning.

Monitoring the budget

CA PPM functional administration

Duration : 2 days | Audience : functional administrator , PMO

Generic data.
Standard processes.
Table references.
Access rights.

CA PPM Technical
Data model

Duration : 1 day | Audience : Technical administrator, development resources

Learning the CA PPM data model and key tables.
CA PPM main objects and key elements.
Read, modify, erase data in CA PPM. Import / export data to third party tools.

NSQL and Portlets

Duration : 1 day| Audience : technical administrator technique, development resource

Build NSQL query : structure, syntax, dimensions.
Intégrer NSQL in Portlets.

CA PPM Studio

Duration : 2 days | Audience : technical administrator, functionotechnical administrateur

Configuration possibilities for an object or a component.
Portlet advanced configuration.
Managing portlets pages.

CA PPM Reporting – JasperSoft Server

Duration : 1 day | Audience : PMO, project manager, Team leaders, administrator

Jaspersoft Server possibilities.
Advanced reporting with jaspersof Server.
Reports : create, share and include them into dashboards.
Creating a customized report.

CA PPM Reporting – JasperSoft Studio

Duration : 1 day | Cible : Report designer

Jaspersoft Studio capabilities.
How to create complex dashboards.

PLANVIEW Functional
User management

Duration : 1 day | Audience : Functional Administrator, technical administrator

Manage users rights and groups.
Create resources et and users.
Manage configuration for each user type.

Financial Management

Duration : 2 days | Audience : Functional administrator, budget controller, technical administrator

Financial management key principles.
Configure financial management in Planview.
Monitor the budget.

Resource management

Duration : 1 day | Audience : Team leaders, PMO

Project scheduling.
Monitor capacity planning.
Enter and validate timesheets.

Project management

Duration : 1 day | Audience : Project manager, PMO

Planview basics.
Create and schedule a project.
Baseline and monitor project budget.
Monitor project risks and issues .

Planview functional administration

Duration : 2 days | Audeience: functional administrator

Managing Planview configuration.
Manage users and resources’ administration.

Planview configuration

Duration : 2 days | Audience : functional administrator, technical administrator

Planview configuration possibilities.
Manage alternative structures, fields and forms.
Customize columns and mosaics.
Manage lifecycles.

PLANVIEW Technical
Data model

Duration : 2 days | Audience : technical Administrator, development resource

Know the main Planview features.
Understand the data model structure.

Report builder

Duration : 1 day | Audience : technical administrator, development resource

Build a report with Report Builder.
Publish a report.

PV Loader

Duration : 1 day | Audience : technical administrator, development resource

Understand PV Loader features.
Load large in Planview.